Changsha's China Joy, 2013

China Joy in Shanghai is the largest anime/gaming convention in China. But China Joy also hosts smaller conventions around the country in preparation for the big one in Shanghai. This weekend was Changsha’s China Joy.

Changsha’s China Joy is always held at the exhibition center at the Sanhe Hotel near Martyr’s Park. The event is kind of small, only about a hundred exhibitors, a few hundred guests, and not a very good variety of people in costumes. Mainly, kids come dressed up as Vocaloids, Chobits, Alice in Wonderland, and Black Butler. There is absolutely no Steampunk (except for me and Seth), but there is usually a little bit of Victoriana.

While Changsha’s China Joy is seriously lacking in comparison to most anime cons in America, it’s all we have so we like to go and support it. Seth and I are always looking for any excuse to dress up. It’s a place to see and be seen. Seth and I have been the only foreigners there for the last two years (and the only Steampunkers), so people take lots of pictures of us. It was a nice primer for Shanghai’s China Joy on July 25th which we are going to. We are even having costumes custom made for that con so expect lots of awesome pics towards the end of the month. But here are a few of the highlights from Changsha’s China Joy and you can see all of the pics at our Facebook page.

A Victorian-inspired Vocaloid
There were so many Ciels!
American McGee’s Alice
Some sex toys Chobits
Renaldo vs. Alucard
(I totally need the rights to do a crossover of this)
Some kind of Victoriana costume
I don’t know what this is but thought
it was pretty cool
This warrior had the most awesome
homemade bow and quiver
Renaldo with a really big gun