Tang Hui: Revelations and Delays

Tang Hui had another day in court this week. On Tuesday about 200 people gathered outside the Provincial High Court in Changsha for her latest hearing. According to the Global Times, Tang received an apology from the chief of police who sent her to a labor camp back in August of 2012. However, the court itself did not issue an official  ruling and said they would announce their ruling “at a later date.”

But the most interesting thing to come to light this week is not the court’s refusal to administer justice (that was expected), but the fact that Tang turned down 100,000 RMB in bribes from the court to go away peacefully and silently into the night. It’s important to note here that it was not the chief of police, the laojiao (labor camp) committee or any individual who attempted to coerce Tang, it was the presiding judge. He and other court officials even went to her home and told her she could not have family members or other representatives present for the mediation. These men, in an official capacity, attempted to intimidate and bribe Tang Hui.

What has been remarkable about Tang through this whole thing is her willingness to speak out publically and her desire for justice to be seen by everyone. She does want an apology. She does want monetary compensation. But she wouldn’t accept either if the condition is that she has to keep silent. She has bravely stood her ground during this whole ordeal and she is finally getting international attention. Tang Hui keeps fighting, and the world is slowly listening.