Tang Hui – That Indelible Thorn in Officials' Sides

If Hunan government officials thought that simply releasing Tang Hui from her labor camp after imprisoning her there for “disturbing social order” when she demanded stricter penalties for the men who kidnapped, raped, and sold her 11-year old daughter into prostitution would be enough to make her go away, they were dead wrong.

Last August, Tang Hui had been sentenced to 18 months in a labor camp without a trial for annoying officials by lying behind their cars at various locations. The internet came to her defense and Tang was released after only 8 days. After she was put on a train home, officials probably thought they had heard the last of Tang Hui.
But Tang would not be silenced to easily. Yesterday in Yangzhuo, Tang filed a petition demanding roughly 2,370 RMB (about $395) and a letter of apology for the system infringing on her personal freedoms and for psychological damages.
China’s corrupt government and it’s officials have historically gotten away with abusing the people simply because they can or by paying people off with platitudes and pitiful sums of money. But Tang will not be bought off so easily. She wants actual justice. It is through people like Tang that China will eventually become a society governed by the rule of law as they already claim to be, but prove through actions they are not.