Book Review: The Feng Shui Detective by Nury Vittachi

The Feng Shui Detective by Nury Vittachi is hilarious. Vittachi has an amazing gift of being able to find humor in language itself. The lead character, Mr. Wong, is a Chinese feng shui master, but lives in Singapore and has dreams of writing a book about feng shui in English. He realizes the need to understand the subtle nuances of the language, but can’t quite get the hang of it. He is a crotchety old man, but he is so clever you can’t help but love him. Wong’s summer intern, Jo, is also hilarious. She is a complete fish-out-of-water with Wong, but he quickly realizes that she can be quite useful to his business and by the end you wonder how he will ever get on without her. The book is actually more like a serial. There are several short stories that make up the whole, but the story isn’t done when you reach the end of the book. I was hooked after only a couple of pages and was sad when it ended. I look forward to picking up more of Mr. Wong’s adventures the next time I am in Hong Kong or the States since the books aren’t available on Kindle at this time. Definitely a must read.