R2Games Teamwork Outing

So last weekend, Seth’s company had a “teamwork building” outing. We went to a hotel in the woods and did various activites to help us all learn to work better together. While I did enjoy it more than I thought I would (we were dreading going), I think the outcome was just OK but it could have been better.

So first they made us dress in camo gear which was fine for most people, but for Americans like me, Seth, and Shaun, they didn’t really fit šŸ™

However, Seth seemed to like his OK.
Anyway, they divided us into teams and we did things like all stand on a 2′ x 4′ mat and had to flip it over without letting our feet touch the floor. That really did require teamwork and our team won hahaha. So that was a good expercise.
In the afternoon we finally got to the main event: the Lazer tag!
This was what everyone was looking forward to. They divided us into two teams. The first round was a free for all. Just take out the other team as best you could. The second round had one team defending their captain (ours was Seth, the other team’s was Jared) and the other team trying to find the captain. We were defending so Seth just hid like a freaking game of hide-n-seek and even after the game ended no one could find him. I felt that this method required very little strategy or teamwork. I think instead that both teams should have had an objective like capture-the-flag. That would have required more teamwork. But at this point, the objective may have been more about fun than teamwork. If so, then it worked, we did have a lot of fun. You can see all the pics I took of the outing here.

After the two rounds I started to get horribly ill so I went back to the hotel and spend most of the remaining afternoon and evening in the bathroom. Even after getting home that night, I thought I was going to die. That may have been the sickest I have ever been since I first came to China 2 years ago.