Best Video Game Ever!

So since I have a computer and my precious Wii, I don’t go to any of the local arcades very often. Remember arcades back in the 80s and early 90s? They are still as popular as ever over here. Those and LAN centers. most teens here can’t afford computers or consoles of their own, so they spend all their free time at the arcades and LAN centers. And, weirdly, many of the arcade games are gambling-based, so during the day you can find dozens of middle-aged men hangout for hours on end too.
But, the new arcade at the ID Mall has the best new video game! It is a “flip the table” game. What is “flip the table?” Flip the table (also “table-flipping” and “desk-flip”) is a reaction meme, usually posted expressing shock, frustration, or rage. You can read all about it here.

So, leave it to the brilliant Chinese to turn a simple meme into an awesome video game! This is the best game. It is so much fun and the next time I have a bad day at work, this is where I will be, flipping tables! Just check out the videos!