China's Dead Pig Epidemic Hits Changsha

Over the last two weeks, a lot of our friends were sent to Shanghai. It’s been really tough, but we took solace in the fact that at least we weren’t sent to the place that has over 16,000 dead pigs being pulled from the waterways.

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, yes, over the last two weeks over 16,000 dead pigs have been found in Shanghai’s Huangpu river and other local water ways; the rivers provide drinking water to millions of the city’s residents. The number of pigs climbs every day. While authorities continue to claim that the water is still safe for drinking, no one would be stupid enough to actually believe them. Apparently, they did find who dumped the pigs, but there has not been an explanation as to why he dumped them into the river instead of fining a more sanitary way to disposing of them, like burning them. Over 70,000 pigs in that one city have died this year.

Anyway, though, that is waaay over in Shanghai; over 600 miles away.

Or so we thought.

This week over 50 pigs have been found in the Xiangjiang river near Changsha. And more than a hundred dead pigs were found in Zhuzhou, Hunan. This is just after over a thousand dead ducks were found floating down a river in Sichuan. There is no reason to think these incidents are related. What it does do, though, is reinforce what we already know about the water in China: never drink it!