Beijing College Students Advertise The Vagina Monologues With Their Vaginas

What the Vagina say? According to female students from Beijing Foreign Studies University, many things. To promote their upcoming performance of The Vagina Monologues (which EVERYONE should see!), the girls took pictures of themselves holding signs with phrases like “my vagina says: I can be sexy, but you can’t harass me,” and “my vagina says, “someone can enter if I say so.”Rock on, ladies!

Of course, in typical misogynist fashion, many internet users have completely missed the point and have decided these girls are all sluts in need of public shaming. But unlike the sea of cowardly internet trolls out there, these girls clearly demonstrate that talking about sexuality and taking control of your sexual identity is nothing to be ashamed of and proudly show their faces. China needs feminism, and this is exactly the kind it needs.

The Vagina Monologues has been shown around China since 2009, though often advertised with the word “vagina” censored. But that isn’t unique to China. In America it is still often referred to in ads a “The V Monologues.”

You can see all of the original pictures the students posted on Sina Weibo, but the site is in Chinese.