Ugly Foreigners: Really Train Guy? Really?!?!

The last thing foreigners in China need right now is more foreigners behaving badly. I wish I had this guy’s name. I guess we wil just have to call him “douche-bag train guy.” Have a look.

This guy is just so out of line there is no explaining it away. I’m not going to take the time to itemize this guy’s bad behavior. Just shame on you!
*UPDATED* Within hours of me making this blog post, the identity of Douche-Bag Train Guy was revealed…and he issued an apology! He is Oleg Vedernikov, the principle Cellist for the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. The apology was issued in Russian and translated into English and Chinese by The Shanghaiist.

Basically he apologizes for his actions on the train and for the embarrassment he has caused the orchestra. The apology is…OK….I guess. Better than nothing. But he offers no reasons for his actions and has most likely only apologized because he got caught and brought shame to the company (has caused them to lose face).
Moral of the story: Live life as though the whole world is watching – they just might be.
PS, still a douche-bag and an ugly foreigner