Throwback Thursday – Our First Christmas

Happy Holidays, Dear Readers! I thought an appropriate Throwback Thursday post would be a picture of our first Christmas in China.

Christmas is not very popular here, and it is even more rare the more rural you get. In Lixian, the Christmas hats we are wearing are about all the Christmas things we could find. But our students and our Foreign Affair Officer (FAO) Cindy made an effort to do something special for us for Christmas.

Our school had a secret upstairs canteen that served teachers and large groups on special occasions, so they rented the room out and had the cooks prepare us a special lunch.

Seth, the balloon animal king, made a Christmas wreath out of balloons his parents mailed to us. Even though it was nothing like an American Christmas and we even had to work Christmas day (like we do almost every year), we still had a lot of fun and it was a very memorable day.

How about you? How do you try to make Christmas special living in China?