Partial Story of a Missionary Family in Changsha and Hong Kong During WWII

The turmoil of the people of Changsha at the hands of the Japanese (and even Chiang Kai-shek) during WWII/the Second Sino-Japanese War is pretty well documented. But never before have I read anything about that time period by a foreigner who lived in Changsha at the time.

Joyce Roberts was the daughter of missionary parents and her father was the superintendent of the Hunan Bible Institute in Changsha. In this short article penned by David Whitling, Roberts talks a little about living in Changsha as Japanese bombers flew overhead, her family’s escape to Hong Kong, and  her father’s eventual return to Changsha. The article isn’t nearly long enough. Roberts’ life story would make a great book I think. Head on over to the Orange Country Register to read the whole story.