Dead Pigs in My Drinking Water? It's More Likely Than You Think!

While Shanghai made headlines worldwide this winter after farmers dumped over 16,000 dead pigs into the local rivers, a farm in Changsha has decided to create it’s own pig-dumping scandal by dumping chemically dissolved pigs into the Xiangjiang river, Hunan’s largest river and main water supply.

According to the farm, it’s practices do no damage to the environment, but environmental officials say that they have never heard of this method of disposing of dead livestock.

Stock photo of the Tianxin Livestock Corporation near Changsha

One official followed up with “the company did violate the regulations as it dumped ‘black odorous waste with fecal residues’ into the river and is polluting the source of the city’s drinking water.”

Excuse me while I vomit for a while. From now on I will only be drinking and bathing in imported Coke.