The Big Con – Our Nightmare Saturday at the Guangzhou Comic Con *UPDATES at the end*

My husband Seth and I are big geeks, as everyone who knows us or has read this blog knows. We have gone to great lengths to recapture some of the geeky atmosphere we left behind in our old country. This has including visiting some pretty lame and poorly organized gaming and anime conventions around China. Read More

Top 10 Posts of 2014

Well, I for one am happy to see the back of 2014. As much as I love living in Shenzhen, it is so much better than living in Changsha, 2014 was one nightmare of a  year. But the blog and my writing career are doing much better, which is awesome. So, in case you missed Read More

Why Guangzhou Closing Its Baby Hatch Changes Nothing

Within hours of my article “Postponing of Baby Hatch Disgraces Shenzhen” being published, news broke that Guangzhou was temporarily closing its baby hatch (“baby hatch” is the unfortunate term used to describe small buildings where parents can safely abandon their children). According to authorities, the Guangzhou baby hatch had received so many children, the Social Read More