12 Girls Band in Changsha!

I know I’ve been pretty good about posting news and events from around China this last month, but I’ve been slacking in posting anything about us personally. Mainly this is just because I have been so busy! As I mentioned before, I’m now working full-time for R2 and we are moving to a new apartment. So even though I have my weekends “free,” I have been spending them decorating the new apartment. Other than working and decorating, not much has been going on with us to report.

But 2 weeks ago, we did take some time off for ME! One of my favorite musical groups, 12 Girls Band, came to Changsha as part of their 10 year anniversary tour. When we stopped by the Grand Hunan Theater just to see if anything interesting was coming up and I saw their poster, I gasped so hard I choked on the air. I was so excited!

First of all, I have to give a shout-out to my best friend Jasmine and http://58.com/. That website is amazing! It is where Jasmine found us our apartment and where she found us our 12 Girls Band tickets at a fraction of the box office price. We got 2 tickets at the 680 RMB level (the most expensive in the house) for only 580 RMB total! The guy even delivered the tickets to us.

We love the Grand Hunan Theater. They have amazing talent from all over the world. We have seen the play The Butterfly Lovers from Korea and Swan Lake by the Russian Ballet. It is a great place to escape to for some world culture and class.

So we had great seats, the 10th row, aisle. And, of course, I had my awesome camera to take pics. Unfortunately, the only bad thing about my camera is the battery which died half-way through the show! The battery is unreliable. It goes from full bar, to half, to dead. This isn’t the first time it died during an important event and probably won’t be the last. But at least Seth was sweet enough to buy me a new battery for it as a back-up. But I did get some good shot and video.

For a “half-time show,” two singers took to the stage. They were really great. The second song they sang was a European style aria and were just amazing.
We had a great time and I was so happy to see them. I have been a huge fan for years and never thought I would actually see them in concert. They really inspire me to take my erhu lessons! You can see all the pictures from the show here.