Ugly Foreigners: The USDA

Hunan children were used as guinea pigs for American GM food experiments.

Back in 2008, children in Hunan were fed genetically modified rice (known as “Golden Rice”) without the knowledge or consent of their families. Even though this happened 4 years ago, it is only just now making the news rounds here in China, and it isn’t being reported by American sources at all.  But according to Green Peace Asia, a study backed by the USDA was carried out on children in Hunan after the rice had already failed tests on animals in Germany. You can read all about the saga of Golden Rice on their website.

I personally do not have a problem with GM foods as long as they are tested properly and ethically. But for America to use Chinese children as lab rats after all developed countries denied the request is abominable. Of course, China isn’t off the hook either for allowing the experiment to be conducted on their own children. China repeatedly demonstrates that it cares little for her poor, disenfranchised people. And it is usually the West, through freedom of the press and ethics committees, who are the first to call China out on it. But it is kind of hard to point the finger at China when America takes advantage of those low ethical standards for their own gain. Shame on you, USDA!