Ugly Foreigners: The Shenzhen Epidemic

I’ve had so much material for the Ugly Foreigners series lately that it’s been depressing. Just because the 100 days of foreigner crackdowns is over is no reason to go hog-wild with bad behavior, people. Recently there has been a rash of bad behavior in the lawless border town of Shenzhen (Shenzhen isn’t really like that. It’s actually a great city as the major entry point into China from Hong Kong).

First was the report of an American named Robert Dean McDowell who allegedly raped a 16-year old after drugging her on Sept 25th. Thankfully he wasn’t a teacher, but some kind of “businessman” involved in trade and contracting work. Scum bag.

I think people need to mind their manners in Shenzhen for a while. Then we had the more interesting case of a Palestinian and a Jordanian who were caught at the Shenzhen airport trying to smuggle over 3,000 grams of heroin into Guangzhou. They had smuggled most of the drugs in their luggage, but they had also swallowed over 60 capsules of drugs and police had to wait while the drugs were “discharged.” Yuck! According to Chinese law, anyone caught trafficking more than 50 grams of heroin can face the death penalty.