Ugly Foreigners: The Drunk Russian

It’s been a while since we have had to chastise any ugly foreigners (people who give all foreigners in China a bad name) on here, so we were about due. This one really takes the cake. According to Beijing News, the man was a hotel guest and was already intoxicated when he checked in that morning. In the afternoon, he and a group of Russians were being very loud. The man proceeded to slash a waiter with a knife and then, brandishing two knives, he took to the street where he stole a car, crashed into a bus, a taxi, 4 other cars, and a pedestrian before he was finally captured by police and taken in for questioning.

Unfortunately, the combination of cheap liquor and the toll of being away from home leads lots of foreigners to become heavier drinkers than they were back home. This has lead to the negative stereotype that all foreigners like to get drunk and party all the time in China. While there’s nothing wrong with having a good time and taking advantage of the all the cheap booze China has to offer, everything in moderation folks. You don’t want that good time to end up branding you an Ugly Foreigner or Bad Laowai.