So what's next to break?

Its been a rough few days. So far we get one thing fixed and then something else breaks down. First the washer faucet broke, then after getting that fixed we discovered the A/C in our bedroom had a big leaking problem. We learned this after putting one of Amanda’s bags under it so that everything in the bag got wet. So the A/C was fixed this morning, the next task appears to be getting the tv working. Seems our apartment isn’t hooked up. Our fridge, microwave, and watercooler all seem to work, but our water purifier needs to be replaced. One thing at a time.

My classroom only has 25 students in it, but Amanda has one class with 71 and another with 90. Its more than she can handle, and there always seems to be students causing trouble in her class. With no materials to teach with, we’re both at a bit of a loss as to what subjects to cover. We also keep getting told to just talk with the students the first week, get a feel for where they are at, but it would help to have something to use as a reference or guide. My strategy for today is play games in order to learn what kind of words they know. Tonight we’re to head into town for some supplies, I may grab a bag of candy to bribe them with.

Speaking of classrooms, the building was built in 2001, not that you can tell. I suspect it was thrown up, and then no work done to keep it maintained. Its dirty, and looks like its falling apart. Once I get some batteries for my camera I’m going to sneak over at night and take a few pictures so you all can see. Probably in a week or so after I get to see what my other classes will look like.

That said everyone is very friendly. The students all want to say hello, then get all giggly when you respond back. The more attention you pay to them the more embarassed they become. When I get more settled in I plan to have fun with this by following a group of students around to see how long it takes for them to notice me, or when one of them says hello to turn in there direction and approach them.