So the real reason for my pay increase.

I finally figured it out, but wandering around town I noticed something which caused everything to fall into place and click in my head. My friends and co-workers at CVS should get a kick out of this.

So on my resume it says I’m a Certified Pharmacy Techinican. It shows I went to school for this, graduated, and I’m licensed. Nobody here knows what this position means or does. They don’t really have Pharmacy Techs here. I’ve noticed in the past that when I’ve attempted to explain that I’m not a Pharamcist, but an assistant the people here get this look like they don’t understand. This is because everything I tell them I’m doing is only done by the Pharmacists here. The assistants here just run the shop side of things. You’re looking for a cold medicine? Its over on this alise. Here, let me ring you up. Yes, they are all in a nurse type uniform, and seem knowledgable on where to find the medicine that curse what illness, but its kind of like just handling the over the counter area.

So the thing I’ve noticed is that in every Pharmacy shop I’ve looked in is that all the Pharmacists are men. There hasn’t been one woman Pharmacist. Furthermore, all the assistants are women. I haven’t seen one male assistant. So I think what is happening is when I tell them I’m an assistant, and then describe to them things only their Pharmacists do, and you throw in the fact that I’m a guy…well, to them I must be a Pharamcist. They probably think that there is some type of language or culutural gap causing me to say something that to them makes no sense.

So to them I do the duties of a Pharmacist, and I can’t be an assistant since I’m a guy, so then that means the money they were going to pay me was obviously a mistake. They know how much training it takes to be a Pharmacist, its about the same as what Amanda went through. So I should be paid close to the same as her.

Needless to say, I need to hunt around for some pictures of my co-workers, and especial of Heeral so I can see how folks here react to it.