Buying (Banned) Books and Getting Published at the Hong Kong Book Fair

This past weekend, Seth, Zoe, and I made our way to the Hong Kong Book Fair. The Hong Kong Book Fair is the largest book show in Asia, with over 500 vendors from over 30 countries and over 1 million guests. We had two purposes for our trip: finding a publisher and buying banned books. Read More

Hong Kong needs support, not White Knights

I’ve been posting as much as I can about the Hong Kong protests both to my personal Facebook page and to my official Two Americans in China account. I also changed my profile pic to one that shows support for the protesters. I’ve written about it in my newsletter. I’ve been talking to my goddaughter about why Read More

China's New Two-Child Policy Leading to More Sex-Selective Abortions?

This is a disturbing trend. According to several articles in the Shenzhen Daily, sex-selective abortions seem to be on the rise even as China’s new “two-child policy” rolls out across the country. Last October, the 18th National Congress of China (the CPC) announced that in families where one parent was a single child, the family Read More