Hong Kong needs support, not White Knights

I’ve been posting as much as I can about the Hong Kong protests both to my personal Facebook page and to my official Two Americans in China account. I also changed my profile pic to one that shows support for the protesters. I’ve written about it in my newsletter. I’ve been talking to my goddaughter about why Read More

Not so different – China and America's Treatment of Teachers

In the past, I have talked to different public school teachers here in China about how much money they make. The Chinese are always fascinated by how much more expat employees are paid than locals, and I am usually equally mystified by how little locals are paid. I truly do not know how some people Read More

Why Guangzhou Closing Its Baby Hatch Changes Nothing

Within hours of my article “Postponing of Baby Hatch Disgraces Shenzhen” being published, news broke that Guangzhou was temporarily closing its baby hatch (“baby hatch” is the unfortunate term used to describe small buildings where parents can safely abandon their children). According to authorities, the Guangzhou baby hatch had received so many children, the Social Read More