Fireworks Over Changsha

In an effort to make Changsha more impressive on a national scale, the city poors thousands of RMB every week into a spectacular firework show over Orange Island on the Xiangjiang river. We have lived in Changsha for almost a year and had never made it out to see the show before last week. Zoe is staying with us for about 6 weeks and wanted to see it. It was a good and bad night for it. Temperature-wise, it was one of the coolest evenings we’d had in about two months. But that was because we have had a lot of rain and humidity which actually caught the smoke from the fireworks instead of blowing it away so several of the fireworks we couldn’t even see 🙁 But if you are ever in Changsha, you really should check it out. You can see them from the WuYi DaDao bridge every Saturday at 8:30 pm. It is best to be on the south side of the bridge.