Changsha Makes Statement about Cao Ruyi

I mentioned over the weekend that there had been no news or updates regarding Cao Ruyi since June. I was browsing the Mayor’s Mailbox today, though, and saw this letter written to the mayor about her. I have no idea who the original author is (I promise it wasn’t me), but the author actually got a public response from the Family Planning Commission. Of course, the response is biased, propagandist, elitist, and most of it untrue, but, hey, they did at least acknowledge that Cao Ruyi exists. In China, we call this “progress.”

But while I am on the subject, I would like to draw more attention to the Mayor’s Mailbox. It isn’t used much, but I find it interesting to read the responses. More foreign residents of Changsha should definitely be using this means of communication with the city. If you ever have a question or complaint about life in Changsha, please use it. I am sure all of us in Changsha would love to hear the responses.

Changsha Mayor, Zhang Jianfei

PS, its called the “Mayor’s Mailbox,” but he doesn’t actually answer the letters himself. However, they are answered by someone in city hall.