About Me

In May of 2009, Amanda moved to Orlando from the Kansas City area to start a new life with Seth. But that was when the economy was taking a severe nose-dive and full-time teaching jobs proved impossible to get. Seth had just graduated as a pharmacy technician and also was unable to find full-time work. With the debt mounting and the possibility of moving becoming bigger, they made the decision of “if we have to move, let’s move big!” Amanda had a degree in Chinese language and had always dreamed of teaching in China but never thought it would actually happen. But with Seth’s support and easy-going attitude, her dream and their new life began in China in August of 2010.

In December of 2016, their family finally got a little bigger with the addition of their first child through adoption.

The family is currently living in Yangshuo, Guangxi Province. Amanda is a full-time writer and editor and Seth is a stay-at-home dad.

You can reach out to Amanda at Amanda@AmandaRobertsWrites.com.

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